The Founders

Stacy Cooper Dent — by Tarah

Mom to two wild, wonderful three-year-old boys, Stacy loves to eat tacos, drink Diet Coke, wear flip-flops and use the phrase “purple pants” though she doesn’t actually own any. She does have an awesome shoe collection and can rock a pair of high-heeled boots like nobody’s business.

When you call to say you’re overwhelmed, Stacy is the first to ask: what can I do? and mean it. She’s the kind of friend every woman needs. Her mental parenting Post-Its are about being present with her little people and bringing a bit of adventure to every day.

One of her passions is creating beautiful and purposeful things. Her transition from a marketing/PR career woman to a working mom, living in a very small home, has inspired her to rethink the role of “stuff” and balancing the things parents want and need. She resides in San Carlos, California and enjoys running and eating.

Stacy has an awe-inspiring upper body and I almost never wear sleeveless tops around her for this reason.


Tarah Smith Evans — by Stacy

Mom to two lively and silly three-year-olds, Tarah is arrestingly funny, reads everything, knows everyone and can juggle more plates than a waiter. Her parenting mantras are “treasure*savor*simplify,” and “good enough is good enough.”

Tarah is one of the most honest moms around, willing to share both her joys and her struggles with parenting. She believes that every mom is a working mom, regardless of whether or not they work outside the home.

After returning to work and juggling a demanding career and two small babies, she realized there was a need for smart, stylish products that helped parents get and stay organized, so they could spend more time enjoying life. She resides in San Carlos, California with her husband, boy/girl twins and an aging Boston terrier named Bosco. She enjoys having friends over for cocktails, reading, writing and yoga.

With her off-beat sense of humor Tarah sometimes crosses the line, but she can keep me laughing through almost any situation.