Our Story

our story

SugarSNAP designs new and creative products and systems for busy parents. It’s the brainchild of Stacy Cooper Dent and Tarah Smith Evans, both proud moms of twins born weeks apart. Serendipitously, Stacy and Tarah arrived at the same pre-natal hospital tour. Eyeing each other’s larger-than-usual (and still expanding) bellies, Stacy broke the ice, “Twins?” When Tarah confirmed she was also a twin mom-to-be, Stacy said, “Yep, thought so. You’re HUGE like me.” A friendship was born. And two months (and many shared milkshakes) later, Andy and Wyatt, and Jackson and Parker were born.

Their first few months of motherhood were anything but easy. Joyous, yes. But also overwhelming. Both organized women who liked to stay ahead of the chaos, they found motherhood challenging. The pressure to pack a diaper bag with a million different items was intense. They felt the need to be prepared for any eventuality. Every morning was spent re-packing the bag: diapers, wipes, cell phones, pacies, toys, snacks, sanitizing gel, burp cloths, wallets, blankies, change of clothes, bottles. The list was as endless as the number of pockets inside their new diaper bags.

Thinking these beautiful diaper bags, each designed with pockets on the inside and more pockets on the outside, would help them locate the myriad of baby items they carried, they found quite the opposite. These new moms found the pockets caused a “Bermuda Triangle” effect. They knew they had just about everything they needed, they just couldn’t find it in the diaper bag mess.

SugarSNAP came to life one day at a local park. One of the four babies (they can’t remember which) was screaming, and both moms dove into their black-hole diaper bags to find the paci, burp cloth, teething ring, you-name-it missing item. There just has to be a better way, they thought.